Why Expose Svali?

Over the past twenty years since escaping trauma based mind control I’ve consistently heard of Svali.

I didn’t think much about her past, her writing what as much of it seemed to be true. As the years passed I’ve become more leery of her and what she writes and the information she provides.

As I stated I’m a survivor myself. As a survivor my goal is not to have my face be seen all over the internet. Svali did an interview where she showed her face. For someone who has escaped the Illuminati she would not do this.

Then her story; her story over the years has made less and less sense to me. I’ve found it interesting that people aren’t asking tough questions about her or to her. For instance Svali’s time line of events doesn’t make sense, why isn’t she in prison for child abuse? What about all of the contradictions?

I met Svali once a number of years ago. She was on the tag end of her disappearing act that had thrown the internet into a, “Did the Illuminati get Svali” hysterics. My encounter with her was brief and not pleasant. This chance meeting in Michigan shot up red flags.

At the time I figured she was done with her writing and researching the Illuminati and her story had been told.

I was wrong. I was contacted on a site I run asking about Svali and a recent book she published. I encouraged the person to research Svali and come up with their own opinion.

After thinking about it for a few days I decided as a survivor I couldn’t sit back any longer and had to do something.

Ultimately you’re going to make up your own mind on what is true and what isn’t. I’ve come to believe Svali is an agent of disinformation. She’s very good at research, as she should be, and needs to be to sound like she knows what she’s talking about. But, recently her story of her life has become too bazaar to be true.

That being said; I believe something happened to Svali but, I don’t know what. I have scoured the internet to post direct quotes about what she has said regarding her life. I’ve provided links to the sites where I’ve gotten the information.

If you are a survivor of ritual abuse or trauma based mind control and you’ve relied on Svali’s writing for support and information a lot of what she has said is factual. I believe this is the reason she has been able to ‘get away’ with things for so long. As well as no one wants to say a survivor of horrible abuse is lying about it.

I will call Svali out. As a survivor of trauma based mind control the community of survivors must be kept safe from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Svali is that wolf.